Waste Water Testing

Discharge of Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Polluted Surface and river water by their Standard parameters at inlet and outlet point to find out the effectiveness of the treatment system. Waste Water Testing is carried out as per our scope of accreditation by NABL (NABL Certified Lab).

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WASTE WATER-(Sewage/Effluent)

Oil & greases, mg/l

IS:3025,(Part-39)2003, Reaff.  2014

APHA 23rd Edition: 5520  B 2017

5-100 mg/l


Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N, mg/l

IS:3025,(Part-34)2003, Reaff. -2014

APHA 23rd Edition: 4500-Norg  B, 2017

0.1-200 mg/L


#Hexa Chromium as Cr6+  mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition- 3500 Cr B, 2017

0.1-5 mg/l



#Sodium Absorption Ratio







#Residual Sodium Carbonate






#Fluoride as F, mg/l

IS:3025,(Part-60):2008,Reaff. 2013

APHA 23rd Edition: 4500 F- D, 2017

1-10 mg/l


#Aluminum as Al, mg/l

IS 3025 (PART-34) 2003, Reaff.-2014

0.02-5 mg/l


Copper as Cu, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.02-15 mg/L


Zinc as Zn, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.1-100 mg/L


Manganese as Mn, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.1-10 mg/L


Cadmium as Cd, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.1-25 mg/L


Lead as Pb, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.1-20 mg/L


Nickel as Ni, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.2-10 mg/L


Chromium as Cr, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3111B

0.1-25 mg/L


#Silver as Ag, mg/l

Annex J of IS 13428

0.1 to 5.0 mg/l


#Arsenic as As, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3114B

0.1-5 mg/l



#Mercury as Hg, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3114B



#Selenium as Se, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition:2017-3114B




#Cyanide as CN, mg/l


APHA-23rd Ed 2017- 4500 E

0.01 mg/L to 1 mg/L



#Percent Sodium(%)

IS:2488 (Part V) 1976

0.1 to 100%



#Phenolic Compound as C6H5OH, mg/l

APHA 23rd Edition-2017, Chloroform Extraction Method, 5530 C,

Direct Photometric method 5530D

0.001-5.0 mg/l



 #Bio Assay test, %

IS:6582 Part 1, 1971


90% survival of fish after 96 hours in 100% effluent