Stack Emission

Environ tech Lab undertakes a range of Stack Emission monitoring of 30 min sampling of moving gas stream in confined space such as duct, chimneys and flues for significant parameters as per specification and requirement to comply with National/International Standards as per scope of accreditation by NABL (NABL Certified Lab).

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STACK  EMISSIONParticulate matter, mg/Nm3  IS:11255(Pt -1): 2003, Reaff. -20144- 2000 mg/Nm3   
Nitrogen dioxide as NO2, mg/Nm3  IS:11255(Pt-7):2005, Reaff. 2017  2-500 mg/Nm3   
Sulphur dioxide as SO2  mg/Nm3  IS:11255(Pt-2): 2003, Reaff. -2019 2-500 mg/Nm3 
#Acid Mist, mg/ m3USEPA Method20170.1-5.0mg/ m3 
#Hydrocarbon, PPM

IS:5182 (P-17):2014

ETL/SE/2022/SOP No.05

10-1000 ppm 
#Carbon Dioxide as CO2, %IS:13270:19925-15 % 
#Carbon monoxide, %IS:13270:19920.2-5.0 % 

#Velocity, m/s


IS 11255 Part-3: 2008


3- 60 m/s


#Flow rateIS:11255 (P-3):20183-30 

#Oxygen as O2 , %


IS 13720-1992Orsat, Reaffirmed,2010


1%  to  20%